Young woman attacked four revellers with slaps and punches during a town centre fracas

Chesterfield magistrates' court.
Chesterfield magistrates' court.

A young woman who attacked four revellers in Chesterfield town centre has narrowly been spared from being sent to prison.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on January 24 how Hannah Louise Vardy, 23, of Birdholme Crescent, Chesterfield, attacked a friend before turning on two women and an unknown male around Cavendish Street near the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Prosecuting solicitor Becky Allsop said: “There is some lengthy CCTV to play showing the demeanour of all parties. From the footage it is clear the first unknown male is someone Vardy knows and he is seen trying to calm her down.”

Mrs Allsop added that two women who had returned from a day in York were heading for some food when they were approached by Vardy and one was pushed and one was struck and fell to the ground.

A second unknown male was also struck to the back of his head as he approached the incident, according to Mrs Allsop.

CCTV showed Vardy punching the first male, whom it appeared she knew, before pushing one of the women and striking the second woman to the ground.

A further male who approached the incident was also seen in the footage being struck to the back of the head by Vardy.

The defendant pleaded guilty to four counts of assault by beating after the incident on December 27.

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Vardy told police she had “bitch-slapped” a friend in the face and said she assaulted the first woman after she had been pushed in the chest and a comment had been made about her late mother.

She also admitted hitting the second male after he had been laughing at her.

Defence solicitor Steve Brint said Vardy has had a difficult up-bringing with drug and abuse issues.

He added that during the incident Vardy suffered an insult about her late mother who died from a heroin overdose.

Mr Brint said Vardy also suffers with a split personality and has mental health issues.

Magistrate raised concerns that there had been slaps and punches during a town centre incident.

They sentenced Vardy to 16 weeks of custody suspended for 18 months with a Rehabilitation Activity Requirement.

Vardy was also ordered to pay £200 in compensation.