Youngsters take a trip back to 1950s

The topic of focus this half-term at St Giles School is post-war Britain.

Friday, 27th May 2016, 9:30 am

Students from years two and three have been learning about the 1950s.

The children set up a museum in class two for the day. Artefacts adorned the tables with descriptions of each item from the 1950s written by the children in creative writing.

They were thinking about questions people would ask them as curators and read each other’s descriptions about each object.

Youngsters from both year two and three also wrote a diary as if they were living as children in the 1950s. The children spent a lot of time beforehand researching the topic using the internet.

Teacher Mrs Angrave said: “They have been very interested in this topic and enjoyed a slideshow that was made especially for them.

“They were fascinated to find out about everyday life that wasn’t that long ago but is so different from the way they live their lives today.”

Mrs Angrave also invited two children from the 50s – her parents – to go and talk to the class about their own childhood.

The children asked lots of questions they had prepared, Mrs Angrave’s mum and dad explained to the children what is was like growing up in that era, and were shown a slideshow of different aspects of their life and community at that time.

Teaching assistant Jacky Swift added: ”This topic has really caught the imagination of the children.

“It was fantastic to see genuine artefacts bought in by the children and the interest they showed towards each others work.

“The pop-up museum was with us for the day and caused great excitement throughout the infants.

“It really brought history to life and has led to better understanding of British post war history. I am also aware that this topic has resurrected the old argument of The Beatles versus the Rolling Stones in the lower juniors.”