YOUR NEWS: Derbyshire Dales car parking charges

I read with interest an article about parking in and around the Peak District and the benevolence of Derbyshire Dales Council in offering free parking after 2.00 pm for the Christmas period.

As a resident and trader in Wirksworth, a lovely small market town, I am amazed at the gall of the council in offering this service as some sort of charitable gesture. For the rest of the year, visitors to Wirksworth and the rest of the area are charged probably the highest parking tariffs in rural Britain. £1.30 per hour. They are allowed 4 hours maximum after which they are barred from Wirksworth, no return for the rest of the day. So if they want to shop, have a meal, a drink, go for a walk, they’d better be quick.

Some free parking is available on the outskirts of town but this is usually all taken by regulars working in the town. Other than that, street parking is limited to 40 minutes, again with no return. That’s fine if you only want to find out that the post office or public conveniences are now shut, but it doesn’t leave time for much else.

On Tuesday Market Day the main car park is shut. There are hardly any “long term” spaces for visitors to park. It is most traders worst day. This is especially galling as during the winter there are at best 2 stalls open. The council run the market and are doing nothing to attract traders to it, they make more money charging motorists.

The council are fleecing motorists and ruining the town for visitors, traders and residents alike. Trading is difficult at the present time. It would be encouraging if the council assisted traders and visitors during the whole year not just at Christmas.

Reduce parking charges and the number of yellow lines

Increase the length of long term parking and on street parking

Rethink the closure of the car park on Tuesday Market Day

Geoffrey Slater

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