Caring in crisis...?

I HAVE been receiving home help service for over 20 years and have always praised DCC for the care and compassion they have shown to me.

Since the introduction of a new computer system no longer given is the care and compassion to the sick, old and disabled. Under this system, many like myself, will have had 10 different home helps in one week. This new system causes stress and anxiety, and loss of dignity. In addition, I know from the home helps that have visited me that they too are just so fed up as the service users. People are not robots, this change in the service is causing deep distress for many old sick people, who have enough suffering to endure without more being added.

It would seem that we who are over 80 years of age are just a nuisance to the government, councils and health service. It takes an old person to see how standards have deteriorated.

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I AM extremely concerned about the current state of the care system. It is not only failing the elderly but those with illnesses and disabilities alike. We should no longer tolerate a system which leaves many with no support and others with poor quality services. A survey by the National Autistic Society found that two-thirds of adults do not have the support they need and as a result a third had developed mental health problems.

I would appeal to our MPs to bring this issue to parliament. Without this, people will continue to be left to cope without the support they desperately need.

Owen Gray