Fined for late night parking

I RECENTLY received a parking ticket for leaving my car overnight in The Durrent Road car park, adjacent to the court house. We purchased a ticket and went out around Chesterfield, drinking, eating and supporting local businesses with our custom.

When I returned on Sunday around 9.30am, I had received a parking ticket, which I am currently trying to appeal against.

The parking enforcement office are quick send out fines but not so prompt when responding to my numerous emails.

My challenge to the parking ticket is quite simple, though as it clearly states on the ticket machine, Charges apply Monday - Saturday including bank holidays 0800-2400 hours.

I was just wondering though how many other Derbyshire motorist have been fined for parking overnight on Saturday, and have not noticed when the charges apply? There were at least three other cars in the car park when I collected my car. Do other car parks in Chesterfield also indicate when charges apply, and have motorists subsequently been fined when they should not have?

Supporting local businesses and coming into Chesterfield on a night out is what many people enjoy doing. I find it incredible that having paid for parking you are expected to return to your car at midnight and put another ticket on it.

I feel it needs pointing out and the money returning .

Dale A. Banks

By email