Good design is more attractive

The fanciful artist impression of the Olde English flats gave me no indication of the appearance of the facade facing the park.

It would have been apparent that this is an over development of the site and a ‘fit in as much as possible’ attitude.

There is a massive four storey building hiding the restored rear of the hotel, which is itself being redeveloped.

It is ironic that it is covering a car park. Yet the provision of only 11 parking spaces for a big increase in the number of cars is totally inadequate and will cause more traffic chaos in Dale Road.

What the town council sees as ‘breaking the mould’ is going back to a flat roofed, four-storey, 60’s style office block.

Good modern architecture is much more imaginative and attractive that this oblong box.

And to think the way domestic detail is scrutinised and often infected.