“It’s so important to neuter your cats...”

I thought this was the purrfect opportunity to discuss a topic that I feel is being a little overlooked...

I’ve been interested – well borderline obsessed – with cats since my youth.

So much so that when I became an adult the desire to understand how my cats thought was so strong that I studied their psychology and qualified at Alevel.

Through the internet, I noticed independent rescues trying to help felines that were in need of homes and got involved in the ways I felt able.

What I’ve learned in the last few years had a massive impact on me and I wanted to bring it a little more out into the open.

The sad fact is: there are more cats and kittens than homes.

On a daily basis, through-out the UK, vets, veterinary nurses and rescuers have to make what must be a heart-breaking decision because of this.

And that decision is to euthanise healthy cats, purely because there’s nowhere for them to go. The reason is simple – because the importance of neutering and spaying is not being made common enough knowledge.

People who love their cats are allowing them to free roam unneutered and unspayed because it’s something they consider to be more natural for their cat.

While this maybe true, the fact is that mating and its process are not all that pleasant for a cat.

And although some cats are natural at mothering, the instinct within them is not to be a parent but to procreate.

That’s what drives them and not the need to mother a small group of offspring.

If acat is neutered and spayedwhen they reach sexual maturity, they are more likely to live happier, healthier and, interestingly, longer lives.

The simple fact is this –when you neuter or spay your cat, not only are you doing the best you can to ensure you’re doing all you can for their health, you’re helping to save lives.

By Shonagh Staten