LETTER: A6 is an accident waiting to happen

So we have a new Co-Op opened at the top of Station Road. Do we really think it was needed?

We have a Local for You and a garage/Spar supplying all the needs of our locals as well as the paper shop on Station Road and all the shops on Broad Walk.

Now we are going to have seven lots of traffic trying to enter the A6 from the Methodist Church to DFS on the south side (once the doctors surgery is complete) and four on the north side of the A6, surely far too much incoming and exiting on such a short stretch of already very, very busy A6.

It is a nightmare trying to access the main road at rush hour as it is now. It won’t be long before there is a serious accident on this short stretch of road, with people trying to access the horrendously busy flow of traffic, children trying to cross the road to get to school, or for buses, parents to get children to nursery.

How has it been possible for the planners to pass this debacle?

A suitable brown field site was available for purchase a very short distance away from where the surgery is being built, but instead we seem happy to let the planners just fill all our green field land with more and more buildings and houses.

Where will it all stop?

A very concerned local

By email

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