LETTER: Benefits - A pitiful amount that no-one can live on

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DPAC has done an excellent analysis of Universal Credit which I recommend people to refer to.

Few people realise that mentally ill people receive Severe and Enhanced Disability Premiums under the current system.

That will change with Universal Credit and the premiums will be stopped.

This will result in a loss of £200 per claimant per year. This effectively takes disabled people to the same level as the current JSA – a pitiful amount that no one can live on.

I use my premiums for Therapeutic Interventions that help keep me ‘well’ and out of the Hartington (hospital), a place that costs the NHS £1,000 per week per patient even before any treatment.

When my money is cut I will be in a state of distress and I will find myself needing the Hartington.

My circumstances have changed since my last stay there 22 years ago, as now I have no support I could possibly be discharged to. Sadly, I feel it would be a considerable time, possibly years, before I could safely be discharged.

However, I am determined I will not do that to either myself or the NHS.

When my money is cut, I shall be in the centre of Chesterfield with my placard ‘Victim of Universal Credit’ and be competing with the homeless people for change from the public to pay for my Therapeutic Interventions’. I will not, as many homeless people are not, be too concerned about PublicSpace Protection, being dispersed, or fined.

Simply put, the present Government is out to destroy me, and I will make a fight of it to the end.

Adrian Rimington

By email

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