LETTER: Christian Aid - Generosity is appreciated

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I write to thank the people of Matlock and district for their generosity in donating £10,177.80 for the work of Christian Aid during the national appeal week this year.

Thanks are also due to the 80 or so volunteers from the churches in the area, and their friends, for collecting this amount by going house to house, or by holding hunger lunches.

Christian Aid started as a response by the churches in the United Kingdom to the refugee crisis in the aftermath of the Second World War.

Once the immediate need had disappeared, Christian Aid turned its attention to needy people, of any faith or cultural background, throughout the developing world.

Its main task has been to make people less dependent on aid by training local communities better to husband their resources.

Of course, Christian Aid also responds to drought, famine and the needs caused by civil disorder.

In many ways, Christian Aid has returned to its roots this year, by concentrating its efforts on assisting refugees to survive, and to provide them with shelter, medicine, food, and education for the children.

This is where the bulk of the national appeal will be used this year. Work will, of course, continue with partner organisations all over the world.

Many thanks for your generosity, Matlock. Christian Aid Week next year will be May 13 to 19.

Fr Brian Smith

Christian Aid co-ordinator