LETTER: Congestion was horrendous at Bakewell Show

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The weather may not have been the only reason for the poor attendance at the show.

The failure to organise park-and-ride this year undoubtedly contributed.

On the Wednesday the queues on the Baslow Road were horrendous. I noticed a coach which had spent some time waiting on the road in front of my bungalow and I went out to speak to the driver who told me it had taken him an hour of queuing to get to his present position. He had another mile to get to the centre of Bakewell where he could drop off his passengers and then he would have to get through the centre of the town to get to a parking place.

He doubted if his company would come again another year.

I expect that other visitors from Chesterfield and Sheffield will take the same view. No similar queues were noticed on the Thursday. Presumably the message had got round.

Perhaps the organisers could explain why there was no park-and-ride this year. Was it the amount that the Peak Park were charging for the use of the trail?

Norman Groocock

Baslow Road, Bakewell