LETTER: Housing - Cost to environment is pretty high

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Dropping through my letter box last week was another letter regarding Matlock’s latest proposed housing development, a planned 415 home development site to the rear of Gritstone Road, on the A632 Matlock to Chesterfield road.

On top of this are the current sites near Matlock Golf Club,

Asker Lane, and just over the hill at Clay Cross another ‘master plan’ has been green-lighted. This project involves building 825 new homes, retail units and a McDonalds. What joy!

I fully understand private land can be developed subject to ‘planning approval’ and all this creates work but the cost to the environment is pretty high too. In the case of the Matlock development, I just wonder which doctor and dentist will be able to offer help and treatment when help is needed? The schools I’m guessing are full and work in our neighbourhood is sparse to say the least.

Governments and officials keep banging on about housing issues yet the letter from Hayley Culham at Athene Communications, who writes on behalf of the developer William Davis Ltd, describes the Gritstone Road development eloquently, though worryingly out of 415 homes only some would be affordable. I’m guessing the other few hundred won’t be then!

The projects currently being built are mainly red brick with no chimneys and really don’t blend into the Derbyshire countryside at all. Whoever passed this mess wants flogging to the highest bidder!

And what about the British birds whose numbers are reduced by the year due to habit loss, plus the badger and bats that at the other sites have both been ignored? The powers that be always bang on about this but never really listen.

The volume of traffic in Matlock gets greater, possibly with people flocking to check out the latest charity shop/fast food restaurant with many others just using Matlock as a base to commute to other areas.

Whilst public meetings are all well and good the real deal here is how much money can developers and councils make with very little return and thought for the local economy. One of the great gifts we as humans have is the ability to listen and with population growth going the way it is very soon the countryside will be only visible via a history museum.

Roy Goodall

Matlock resident

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