LETTER: Housing - My figures were correct

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Mr D. Myles, a fellow chartered civil engineer, (Your Letters - September 7) states he is not sure whether my reasoning and conclusions are correct.

The statements I made regarding a housing increase of 1,684 in the Matlock area and the resulting increase of 39 per cent in traffic flows for the Crown Square roundabout are in fact absolutely correct.

These figures are taken directly from various tables as presented in the transportation consultant’s report to the county council and district council.

In respect of the traffic forecasts, these have been derived from an approved computer Program named ARCADY and are as stated.

I have also obtained the actual (unpublished) complete program data details showing that values of the various parameter outputs are well above permitted levels.

I ask Mr Myles, as a chartered civil engineer, what he surmises will be the effect of any further increase in traffic on a roundabout that has already reached its defined capacity (again fact)?

What can be seen in the results is that significantly greater congestion will result which would be completely unacceptable.

He also states that if the Crown Square roundabout was ‘converted’ to a simple crossroads with relocated traffic/pedestrian traffic lights a significant improvement in traffic flows would result - so why did the county council and their consultant not propose this ‘simple’ solution themselves?

The consultant’s report shows that, using the approved program LINSIG, with the roundabout ‘converted’ to a signalised crossroads junction with one-lane entries, it would in fact operate similarly to a roundabout junction and would not generate additional highway capacity on the network.

This is largely due to the inability to create additional flares or lanes on the approach to the junction and that a larger junction cannot be delivered due to the physical constraints of the adjacent buildings.

The foregoing factual evidence presented clearly shows the shortcomings of his suppositions and conclusions.

Perhaps his views come from not having examined the consultant’s report in any great detail and not having seen the consultant’s actual preparation data, analysis and results?

I simply have in mind the future well being of the town of Matlock, its residents, businesses, visitors and those travelling through the town.

I am left with the question as to whose interests this gentleman had in mind in writing such a response to the Matlock Mercury.

Mr D. Elsworth

B.Sc. C.Eng M.I.C.E.

Chartered Civil Engineer