LETTER: New Co-op - One can only fear the worst

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As a resident on the B5057, which meets the A6 at the new developments, I have to concur with your recent letter writer.

Whilst a new Co-op is a good thing in isolation, its position will only serve to make this junction harder to negotiate – ditto a new multi-function surgery building.

Also bear in mind, the residents at the nursing home and sheltered housing who will want to use both the shop and the surgery all live on the wrong side of the road.

Such lax planning control might make more sense if part of the inexorable demands by government to build new homes – but it isn’t.

One can only fear the worst, with Snitterton fields under threat, and Bent Lane Quarry under scrutiny.

We are fortunate to live in a beautiful environment – why build on it? Even here, there are brownfield sites left undeveloped.

Phil Snowsill BSc (Hons) CEng FIMechE

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