LETTER: Potholes - Roads are an utter disgrace

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I regularly use Sydnope Hill and must congratulate the stone wall builders rebuilding a collapsed wall.

The standard of work using old stone is exemplary. This is in marked contrast to the state of this road the B5057 road (Darley Dale to Stone Edge and on to Chesterfield via the A632). The numerous huge pot holes reflect DDC highways’ neglect. Many roads in the Derbyshire Dales are an utter disgrace and the unclassified roads appear to be even worse due to untreated pot holes.

Yesterday I drove to Sheffield via the Norfolk Arms public house pursuing via Quiet Lane, which appears to be an unclassified lane, to Fulwood. Why are the approach lanes to Sheffield treated as A and B roads whilst in Derbyshire so much neglect is in evidence regardless of the designation of a road? As a result of not seeing a pot hole cost my husband £450 for repairs.

May I suggest that DCC highways learn from South Yorkshire Council how to wisely budget to maintain decent and safe highways.

Kath Potter

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