LETTER: school meals - all the evidence shows it helps

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I would like to publicly ask the Conservative candidate at this election in Derbyshire Dales, Sir Patrick McLoughlin if he will vote in favour of denying kids in reception, year one and year two a hot school lunch if he is elected to the House of Commons on June 8 or if he will commit to the Liberal Democrat plan to extend free school meals to all kids at primary school?

The Conservative manifesto shows the nasty party is back. Theresa May wants to take away free school meals from kids in reception, year one and year two even though all the evidence shows that it helps kids academically.

Theresa May has made the wrong choice. By cruelly snatching away these hot meals thousands of kids in Derbyshire will lose out, and it will cost families £480 a year per kid. For a family with two kids that’s almost £1,000 a year, a betrayal of working families and breaks the promise they made only two years ago at the last election.
There is of course another way. A different choice. My party, the Liberal Democrats would introduce free school meals for all primary school children, so that the benefits to kids’ education currently limited to infants can be extended to all.

That is a much better choice. Liberal Democrats want to give all children a brighter future in a fairer Britain where people are decent to each other.

Andrew Hollyer

Liberal Democrat Candidate for Derbyshire Dales