LETTER: Solar compactors - who pays for these new toys?

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Derbyshire Dales District Council are indulging in a selective rollout of a new US-based eco-wheeze - “Bigbelly” solar-powered compactors of rubbish deposited in public places.
So far abundance has been rained on Matlock Bath rather than on Wirksworth. Instead of these high-price objects being plastered everywhere, there has been a selective weeding-out of existing rubbish bins.
Very sensibly, there is now no rubbish bin at all to serve a food takeaway next to a newly opened pub.
Who pays for the new toys, and what good do they do?
My direct approach to the council with similar enquiries has been met with replies amounting to “Don’t worry your pretty little head”.
I do worry. 
The contraptions apply solar energy - a source currently disregarded in Government policy - to produce a grey sludge with supposed benefits as a fertiliser.
Couldn’t existing rubbish bins be emptied regularly and the product diverted into the existing recycling scheme?
And couldn’t the takeaway and pub site have the old rubbish bin back?

Evan Rutherford