LETTER: We must take action

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I wrote a letter in last week’s newspaper (It’s time to crush them, June 1), which you kindly printed, saying that, in my view, the security authorities should not just be keeping terrorist suspects under surveillance they should get in first and throw them out of the country before they get chance to carry out an attack. But they won’t for fear of being called racist or infringing their ‘human rights’ or any other excuse. Alas, we saw, on Saturday night another terrorist attack in London, leaving six innocent people dead and 46 seriously injured and, as I am writing this, on Sunday morning they have not identified the suspects who the police shot dead, but I am sure it will come out that they were known to the authorities and were under surveillance. How many more terrorist attacks must we suffer in this country before these people are stopped once and for all? As far as I am concerned once these people start attacking us they have lost all their ‘human rights’.

It is the ‘human right’ of every citizen in this country to expect to go around their business in safety, whether it is at work or leisure, we are a Christian country with a western way of life and this will continue, we will not be converted to Islam or be ruled by Sharia law.

If these extremists cannot accept that then they should pack their bags and get out. We didn’t ask them to come in the first place and their not being here is no disadvantage to us, it fact, it would be better. If they will not leave of their own accord then we should force the situation. The rights and safety of our citizens is paramount and terrorists lives are worth nothing. Act now before it’s too late.

Tony Clayton

By email