Matlock Pavilion could be answer to dream

I read with interest peoples’ desires for the future of Matlock.

The article dealt with people’s hopes for Entertainment and Music in the area.

This is exactly what our Pavilion campaign is designed to provide.

Matlock and its immediate area has 20,000 residents.

In the surrounding area there are over 100,000, yet there is no venue capable of accommodating 400 people anywhere. The Grand Pavilion can provide this.

In our plans we include cinema for John Bell, Kimberley Birds and Emma Worrall (who were quoted in the article).

We will provide a range of music to dance to and “Pav” remembrance nights for Emma Worrall and Jodie Hercules Mclarkey.

The Pavilion will also be a place “to hang out with mates” for Sue Rose’s kids.

But overall we will be an entertainment centre for Andrea Clough and John Bell, offering a range of music from classical to rock and theatre to dancing.

However nothing like this can happen without your support, we have 1,000 Friends of the Grand Pavilion and we need more.

If you really want Matlock to have an Entertainment and Arts Centre, that it can be proud of, join our campaign by signing up as a friend. It costs very little and what you give helps to keep the building watertight. This is until we can persuade the funding bodies to give us the money we need to restore “Our Pav”. Join us at

N.Gregor Macgregor

The Grand Pavilion Ltd