Monsters have been created

I knew it wouldn’t be long before the civil rights groups would be spouting up in favour of the rioters.

Of course life is not fair. It is not fair that a man from London was beaten to death by them. It is not fair that three men in Birmingham were killed by them. It is not fair that decent men and women who go out to work and pay taxes should pay the millions of pounds worth of damage these yobs created.

Those people on the streets chose to be there.

And now these civil rights people are saying that it is unfair on some of them the way they are being punished.

It is about time a Government put civil rights protests such as these where they belong – in a dustbin.

By repeatedly giving in to this sort of misguided thought, previous Governments (both Tory and Labour) have created this ‘don’t-care-society’ where there is no deterrent for wrong-doing, and the innocent suffer because of it.

J. Hallam

Stoney Middleton