Not a case of being NIMBYs

Regarding ‘Affordable Homes Needed’ (Letters, Matlock Mercury, Thursday, June 23), this is to the person who could not put their name to the letter, be it male or female.

It’s not a case of us being NIMBYS, the houses that they want to build are not in keeping with the village, there’s one side of the house that’s nearly all glass, and a tree is to be planted in front to give shade!

And let’s not forget the shed for your bike, all this and much more about the build is to be found on the Peak Park’s website.

They are also not affordable, two young couples that wanted to move back into Youlgrave could not afford the mortgage and the rent, I know that for a fact.

Also in last week’s Mercury, there is a full page advert of the affordable housing at Elton, that was completed a while ago, some are still empty, and they look like proper houses and are in keeping with the village.

It was also stated that three members of the Alley committee stood and was it a coincidence? Well it was the first election in ten years, and the village put five new members on the council and yes, two were from the Alley Committee, but everyone was fed up of the old council just co-opting their cronies on to it, the change was long overdue.

Finally, it was stated in the letter that one person in the photo did not live on Conksbury Lane, yes that’s true, it was my sister representing me, Anne Prince, who’s not afraid to my name to the letter.


Conksbury Avenue