Please be more considerate

I was pleased to read the comments made by the Mayor of Bakewell outlining the problems on the Monsal Trail (Mayor hits out at Monsal ‘chaos’, Mercury, June 23).

I have been walking my dogs on the trail for 25 years.

There have always been cyclists on the trail as well as walkers.

Many parents with children riding their own small bikes.

It was ideal for the children because it was a safe environment.

Almost all the cyclists had bells and would ring them when approaching from behind.

I have always kept my dog on a lead which I have extended to give the dog a little freedom. It takes the press of a button to reel the lead in.

This gives plenty of time to bring the dog to heel before the bike passes.

The trail is also ideal for walkers who may have health and mobility problems and find hills difficult.

I have also seen mobility scooters enjoying the trail.

Not everyone is out for a hike, many like to walk to the cafe, have lunch and walk back.

I thought the opening of the tunnels would be a real asset. However, it is not the case.

Now there are a different breed of cyclists who race along the trail and obviously think it’s uncool to use a bell.

It seems it’s everyone else’s responsibility to hear them approaching from behind and jump out of the way.

They have no consideration whatsoever and are making it very difficult for us ‘non cyclists’ to enjoy the trail.

I am sure everyone could still enjoy the Monsal trail if the people concerned were less selfish and respected the needs of other users.

At the very least all cyclists should have a bell and use it!


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