Reunion at Lea School

I would like to thank everyone who attended the Lea Primary School Reunion on Thursday, 17th May.

It was a very special night filled with memories and laughter.

By The end of the evening tables were covered with photographs and other memorabilia that ex-pupils had brought along to add to the nostalgia.

One of the main interests was the mural which stretches the whole length of the wall, in main hall, painted by teacher Mr Ken Hartley, around 1953 of the pupils who were at the school at the time, it is still in the same condition today as it was then.

A special thanks must go to the present headmaster Mr Simon Gostik who supported the idea and allowed ex-pupils a trip down memory lane by having access to our old class rooms.

Current pupils served food and took tours around the school and grounds, and it was evident that theses pupils were as proud of their small village school as we were 50 years plus ago.

We hope one day they will have the opportunity to share their memories as we did.

Thanks again to everyone who made the effort to attend especially the ex-pupils who travelled a long way to join us.

After all expenses were paid, we were able to donate £150 to Lea Primary School.

Mrs Jenny Duggins (Bush)