Scheme was forced through

I must take issue with some of the points raised by David Fearn in his letter to your paper on July 21, about the development at Darley Dale Primary School.

I believe I am the person who claimed to represent the people of Darley Dale – I did not say ALL – as leader of the town council, which was elected on the promise to try to safeguard the green spaces in our town. The same views were expressed in the Town Plan of 2009. It was even part of the manifesto for David Fearn’s own election to the district council.

How else are the views of people who care about their environment to be made known to the authorities than through their representatives?

The other point concerns the reference to the appalling statement about social cohesion which shocked us all at the planning meeting, a letter from a relative newcomer to Two Dales.

This unfortunately and unfairly was the only reference made to the 41 letters of objection sent to the planning committee, containing important concerns about over-development, traffic, damage to the Greenaway Workshop and the Mencap Centre and the ruination of a quiet and historic area which serves many vulnerable people.

The town council is fully aware of the need for affordable housing and fully supports this. The objections in the case of Darley Dale Primary School are to the details of the plan, not the principle.

We feel very strongly that this scheme is being rail-roaded through against the county council’s own plans, and the wishes of local people.

Ingrid Pasteur

Darley Dale