We must save our heritage


Over many years, I have seen lots of groups of schoolchildren with teachers and assistants write on their clipboards all about the wonderful history coming from Highfields down to the parish church of St Giles, down Stoney Way and on to Knowlstone Place.

Many adults, I am sure, don’t realise this was the earliest part of Matlock. It is now called Matlock Green.

We now have a developer making the very old pub called The Horseshoes, into apartments and houses. I have no problem with this except we must keep a little of the history of this pub.

For many generations, the farmers market was held on that area and we still have the rings on the walls where the local and surrounding farmers tied their bulls which were for sale. An example of old Matlock wrought iron is there also. This was the toilet facilities for the farmers to relieve themselves. In days gone by, it was called the urinal.

In any other country I have visited, they keep anything that belongs to the past and cherish it for future generations to look at. I do believe that this urinal has a county treasure certificate. Let’s not let our history go without a chance to save it. Then each generation of school children can enjoy looking and not just reading about it from books.

Sheila Burton


Stoney Way