Your stars for the week ahead

John Thompson-Campbell
John Thompson-Campbell

Our resident astrologer John Thompson-Campbell casts his eye over what the stars have in store for you this week...


The Sun and Venus in Libra are going to do wonders for your love life: or, could it be a case of your love life needs a bit of TLC, as the planets are pulling your focus away from your real personal priorities, and your partner could be hijacking your time (in your eyes !). This is making you think overtime, and very deeply; and I thinking you will be suspicious and secretive, which, is not a good thing.

Taurus. You need to watch your step this week, as the chances are you are going to put your foot in your mouth with a little jokey comment that you simply think is quite comical; but, your partner will misinterpret life, and will refuse to see the funny side; which will lead to a few negative thoughts about your relationship creeping in, in the background.

Gemini. The pressure of commitments is going to slow you down more than you care for, and you will feel that life is getting on top of you a little. This is not a good time for any sort of decisive decision making, as your mental faculties will not be as sharp as they could be.

Cancer. You have choices this week between staying in and enjoying a bit of home comforts, and even inviting a few chosen friends around for a tipple and a chat, or painting the town red, and doing a fair bit of people watching. You might begin to arrange the latter; only to re-arrange your social calendar soon after!

Leo. With your ruling planet being the Sun itself, being in the sign Libra, working alongside Libra’s own ruling planet Venus; you simply will not be able to avoid the whole psychological theme of romance, dating and partnerships. This is going to be a main talking point, and an enjoyable night out, is just in front of you.

Virgo. If you are wise, you will now be arranging to get yourself out for a good night out, and even having a good serious look at upgrading your glad rags, and dressing to impress. Someone close to you likes you very much, and fully intends to try to win you over. Just be careful of making promises that you cannot keep, and your decisions coming back and biting you.

Libra. You are beginning to feel good about yourself and your abilities, and you are going to make the effort this week, to ensure that others see you in your best light. Someone is going to venture onto your radar; and you will feel like you are good enough to take a chance this time; go on, get yourself forward, and stop wasting time !

Scorpio. Someone around you has been having very unfaithful thoughts, and are not being even half as honest as they should be. Events and circumstances now will make you very suspicious and you might start to question every move that a certain person makes. Do be careful what you say here though, as it’s possible that you might regret any harsh words at a later date.

Sagittarius. For you Sagittarius, your forecast is very stereotypical to your sign as the planets are suggesting that you go out and have jolly with the crowd, enjoy a knees up, and a bit of a laugh with a few members of the opposite sex. Just beware of getting a bit too intense with someone around you; whom you are seeking answers from; brooding moods don’t suit you; but a light hearted approach very much does!

Capricorn. There is very much a feel-good factor coming into your life, where you are going to be feeling like everything is coming together for a change and you are beginning to enjoy your lot, a little more than usually is the case, and this should start to be reflected strongly in your job.

Aquarius. You are now going to be looking at new methods of bettering your own daily lifestyle, in ways that get you out of the house, and stretch you a little, whilst enjoying a new pursuit. It would be advisable that whatever you choose, you do for personally leisurely reasons; as if you think about career advancement, the chances are you will not put your heart into life and will change direction.

Pisces. There is quite a bit of what I would term as “pleasant change” about to enter your life, that will be seen as being profound and will affect you at quite a deep emotional level, leaving you to think about a few issues in your life, and very much altering your personal approach towards others for the better.