Youth offending managed well in Derbyshire

Government figures show Derbyshire’s Youth Offending Service has performed better than the UK and regional averages in a recent nationwide inspection.

And despite similar success in its last inspection in 2007 inspectors said the service, run by Derbyshire County Council with support from the police, NHS and Probation Service, had shown yet further ‘considerable improvement’ over the past five years.

Inspectors, who carried out the review in March at the end of three-year national programme assessing 150 authorities, said in their report:

• The service has good quality staff who are very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and show a high degree of commitment to young people

• There is positive work with other agencies and good use is made of resources to reduce reoffending

• The service has much to be proud of and shows particular strengths in partnership working and maintaining positive results for young people

The inspection reviewed 62 Derbyshire cases in three key areas - safeguarding young people, reducing risk of harm and reducing the likelihood of reoffending. Results were ranked on a scale of these areas requiring either ‘minimum’, ‘moderate’, ‘substantial’ or ‘drastic’ improvement.

Derbyshire was judged to require just ‘minimum’ improvement in safeguarding and likelihood of reoffending and ‘moderate’ improvement in risk of harm.

And the county council achieved one of the highest national scores out of the 150 authorities inspected - in 94% of the 62 young offenders’ cases reviewed, offending had either stopped or significantly reduced and the likelihood of reoffending was low.