Youth service will benefit

Derbyshire County Council has just finished a massive consultation over the future of the youth service.

Young people tell us they want more activities, when and where they want them – not when we want them to have them. That is exactly what we are trying to deliver for them in Derbyshire.

Scaremongering by the Labour Party won’t change the fact that DCC youth services haven’t changed for 30 years or more.

Our youth service is expensive to run.

Just nine per cent of young people have more than ten hours’ contact with the youth service each year.

Our youth service is closed at weekends and during the school holidays, times when young people want to use it.

Young people – and our Council Tax payers – have every right to expect better than that.

That’s what the Conservatives at Derbyshire County Council are trying to do – provide better services more effectively.

Cllr Barry Lewis

Cabinet Member for Young People