Billiards: Hall prevails in final to retain his Whitworth title

The Whitworth Masters - featuring eight of the country’s leading players - was once again a huge success, with Rob Hall retaining his title in a closely fought final.

Tuesday, 25th December 2012, 11:12 am

This two-day event took place at the Whitworth Centre.

The first day saw all eight of the participants split into two groups of four and play Round Robin matches to decide the four semi-finalists.

Having won all his games, Jim McCann was paired against Steve Crosland of Leeds while the other group winner, Rob Hall (Lincoln), took on Chris Taylor (Boston).

The two group winners came theough their semi-finals and so English Grand Masters Champion, McCann, faced English Amateur Champion Rob Hall in the final.

Hall emerged as a worthy winner after McCann missed an in-off while in front and left his opponent to retain his Whitworth title.

The pair recently teamed up in the English side to win the four nations title having defeated Northern Ireland, Austria and the Republic of Ireland near Dublin.