Club grading successes

Derbyshire Kickboxing Academy
Derbyshire Kickboxing Academy

Derbyshire Kickboxing Academy (DKA), the Wirksworth-based kickboxing club, held a grading session for junior students on Friday.

Members Jamie Crystal, Ryan Crystal, Ethan Leask, Kien Leask, Joshua Arnold and Jessica Heapley all achieved their White belt 8th Kyu.

Saskia Maycock achieved her yellow belt 7th Kyu, Cameron Maycock achieved his orange belt 6th Kyu and Joshua Maycock achieved his red/black stripe belt 1st Kyu.

The DKA is affiliated to the World Association of Kickboxing Organisations of Great Britain (WAKO GB) and all grading are underwritten and authorised by them giving them world recognition.

Chief instructor and authorised WAKO GB Examiner Richard Wilkinson (3rd Dan) said that all the students performed exceptionally well, passing their grades at such a high standard.

“The club is very proud of them and they are a credit to the instructors.

“We all look forward to seeing them grading again in the future.

“Well done to everyone.”

Anybody interested in joining or training at the club is welcome.

You can follow the club on Facebook, search for Dka WakoGb

For further details on Derbyshire Kickboxing Academy, call Richard Wilkinson 07578494221 or Lindsey 075754 22057.