Matlock Cricket Club launches £15,000 fundraising appeal

Matlock Cricket Club has launched an appeal to raise £15,000 to modernise its changing rooms and clubhouse - and encourage more people to take up the game.

Friday, 17th July 2020, 8:28 am
Updated Friday, 17th July 2020, 8:28 am
Matlock have launched an appeal for £15,000 to revamp club facilities.

The club, which plays its home matches at Causeway Lane, wants to provide better facilities for all men’s, women’s and junior teams which come to play at its picturesque ground.

Peter Stapleton, the club’s acting chairman, said: “The last two seasons have been a really encouraging period for the club, with the revival of the men’s second team, the creation of a women’s softball team and an expanded junior section, but, like so many sports clubs, the coronavirus pandemic has really put the brakes on our plans to build on that momentum.

“One of the most significant impacts has been the loss of revenue from car parking at the ground on non-matchdays for visitors to Matlock.

"While the restrictions on travel during the lockdown have been essential for public safety, it has meant that we were not able to generate the income that would have helped us to move the club forward.”

Prior to the lockdown, the club had also agreed a merger with the Cromford Meadows club and has plans to eventually field a third men’s senior team.

The money raised through the appeal will be used to unlock match funding from agencies which promote physical activity and sport, with the aim of refurbishing the club’s changing rooms and clubhouse, both of which are in need of modernisation to make them more accessible, particularly with the on-going need for social distancing.

Mr Stapleton said: “The cricket club has had a presence in the town for over 160 years, and has an illustrious history.

"But we now want to focus on the future, to create a club which is inclusive and accessible for all. To do that, we need better facilities.

“We’re hopeful that the community will get behind our appeal, just as they have with Matlock Town Football Club, which ran a brilliant campaign.

“We are also extending our appeal worldwide, via our network of overseas professionals who have played for Matlock, and to cricket lovers across the globe.”

Donations can be made by going online at