Darley Dale Croquet Club to host an Open Social Day at Whitworth Park

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Darley Dale Croquet Club is having an Open Social Day on Sunday (26th) at Whitworth Park.

Anyone can go along and try the game out for themselves completely free of charge, and members will be on hand to show people the ropes.

For further information, contact Mike Connelly on 01629 732568 or the club secretary, David Gregory, on 01629 732455.

Anyone who cannot make

Sunday’s event can go to any of the club days and seek a free taster session.

The club normally meets

on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1-5pm, when the weather allows, from April through to September, and members play Golf Croquet – a simplified version of the game which can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their physical skills, gender, age or stamina.

Membership costs £32 per year, and members can play as many games as they want throughout the season, or alternatively players can pay £4 per session. All equipment is provided.