Derbyshire golfers lag behind their Yorkshire foes


Golfers in Derbyshire need to up their game if they’re to compete with their peers in the north.

That’s according to data compiled by the BOSS Watches H1Club and HowDidiDo, Europe’s largest golfing community.

Between April and November 2014, the BOSS Watches H1Club presented no fewer than 2,295 limited-edition timepieces to members at 1,063 different golf clubs in the UK and Ireland as a reward for scoring a hole-in-one during a qualifying club competition.

But Derbyshire golfers recorded just 40 of those, trailing in seventh in the league table of English county successes.

That table was topped by Yorkshire, which witnessed an impressive 183.

Lancashire came second with 178, while the country’s smallest county, Rutland, scored just three.

A spokesman for the BOSS Watches H1Club said: “The data we received off the back of nearly 2,300 holes-in-one threw up some interesting statistics, but it also indicates that the golfers in the north are the nation’s ‘hot-shots’ off the tee and we would encourage members in Derbyshire to rise to the challenge to ensure they don’t have it all their own way in 2015.”

Of those 2,295 aces, the vast majority, 89 per cent, went to male golfers, with more than half (51 per cent) aged between 46 and 65.

Another 21 per cent of the watch winners were aged 66 or above, with the oldest, Stanley Thompson, checking in - and holing out - at 84!

At the other end of the scale, 10-year-old Philip Brown, was the youngest, while another 60 youngsters aged 16 or below also claimed golf’s Holy Grail.

Since its launch in 2013, the BOSS Watches H1Club has gifted more than 4,700 watches - at a value of more than £1m - to golfers who have recorded a hole-in-one in a qualifying club competition.