Firsts draw in friendly while fifths win in cup

Matlock Baileans firsts took a break from league action to host Cannock in a friendly on Saturday and emerged with a 1-1 draw.

They started well, retaining most of the possession and obtaining a short corner within the first two minutes that wasn’t converted.

Matlock were not disheartened by this and carried on pressing high with runs from Laura Boddy and Jody Carson in the midfield.

Twenty minutes into the game, Matlock were taken back by a horrific head injury to one of their own, and play was stopped. The umpires made the decision, after a 20 minute time out, to resume play but go straight into the second half.

Matlock began the second-half a little slowly due to the first-half injury. But with determination from the forwards, Matlock gained the first goal with a cross from Sarah Wain to Leyanne Beacham, who selflessly passed the ball to Nina Smedley at the top of D to take Matlock into the lead.

Matlock battled to the very end but Cannock managed to convert from a penalty corner right at the end to earn a share of the spoils.

Man of the match was awarded to Laura Boddy.

Last Saturday Matlock fifths played Wulfric in the first round of the Derbyshire Ladies League Cup.

Matlock started well and put pressure on the Wulfric players from the first whistle.

New junior players, Alice Harwood, Annelise Rountree and Gemma Allen showed no fear as they penetrated deep into Wulfric territory.

Immy Nieper made some excellent runs along the sideline and set up numerous shots on goal, while Sarah English and Sara Gould in midfield kept the ball close to the Wulfric D.

The juniors linked their play with the experienced Janice Bush, Sally Bradbury and Sophie Boulton to keep the pressure on the Wulfric goal.

Their efforts were rewarded when a prolonged skirmish in front of goal saw the ball roll out to Bush who fired home.

Wulfric attempts to score were swiftly dealt with by the Matlock defence.

Gaye Smedley assisted by Lindsay Allen and Lowri Heap ensured that Wulfric had very few shots on goal.

Matlock made sure of the win half way through the second half when the ball was passed across the Wulfric D to player of the match Rountree who was waiting near the left post and found the goal.