Challenge for swimmers

Matlock and District Swimming Club played host to 90 adventurous swimmers in the third and final event of their inaugural open water swim series, in the Derwent Gardens at Matlock Bath last week.

After battling a severe current in the swollen river during the first two events in June and July, the August fixture was met with water more in keeping with that expected at this time of year.

Consequently, times were quicker, the atmosphere was more relaxed and the organisers’ heart rates were back down to more normal levels.

All three races of the evening over 250m, 500m and 1500m were dominated by the same fine swimmers.

17-year old Elliot Smales from Rotherham scored a hat-trick, winning all the events but not without being pushed by some commendable challenges.

One in particular came from Matlock and District Swimming Club’s 13-year-old Jorge Thompson in the short race, who took second place right on Smales’s toes.

Jorge finished fourth and sixth in the longer events too.

All ranges of ages and abilities were represented with an encouraging number of the host club’s youngsters discovering the excitement of leaving the pool behind to battle against nature, as well as their fellow competitors.

MAD Swimming Club is proving to be pioneers in the area in this aspect of swimming by putting on these events, providing a much-needed addition to the local calendar for the complete swimmer.