Lampard: New transfer window has left a lot of us in limbo

Derby County boss Frank Lampard feels further adjustment needs to be made to the summer transfer window.

Friday, 24th August 2018, 10:00 am
Frank Lampard wants to see a 'one date fits all' approach to the transfer window again.

In a change voted for by Premier League and EFL clubs, the window for incoming permanent transfers closed two days before the start of the Premier League season, but until August 31 there remains the option for players be brought in or sent out on loan until as well as sold to clubs abroad where transfer windows remain open a little longer.

And Lampard feels that has created a problem that didn't exist before.

He said: "I don’t like the window. It’s my first one, but I just feel that it’s middle ground we’ve found that means the main window has shut but people are still signing players in some other form, so in many ways the window hasn’t shut.

“It was supposed to be done earlier to make everyone happy but it’s ended up dragging on later for all of us and people are signing on loan with a view to buy, so I think it’s going to get messy and I think it’ll accelerate again next week when teams realise it’s coming towards the deadline again.

“Whatever the date is, it needs to be the one date where everything is done and dusted. If it’s at the start of the season so everyone has their squads, I get that as we’ll all know it and still have the summer to do all our work, but we’ve ended up with some kind of staggered window which is strange.

“Nobody I’ve spoken to likes it as it’s left us in a lot of limbo. I’m sure the intentions were right but I think the reality is that nobody has really enjoyed it."

Lampard added there may still be arrivals to and departures from Pride Park before the window closed although he emphasised that there are no specific deals currently in the offing.