Matlock Town anncounce new club treasurers

A change of chairman is not the only movement behind the scenes at Matlock Town.

Wednesday, 17th June 2020, 9:37 am
Updated Wednesday, 17th June 2020, 9:40 am
Matlock Town have anncounced new club treasurers
Matlock Town have anncounced new club treasurers

Bryn Apperley took over from Tom Wright as chairman last week and there has also been a change of club treasurer with husband and wife team Scott and Hayley Bradshaw looking after the club’s accounts with Jeremy Taylor stepping down.

Jeremy, a lifelong Matlock fan, took over the Treasurer’s role from the long serving Mike Tomlinson nine years ago and feels that the time is right for someone else to take over.

He said: “After nine years I feel I’ve achieved all I can so it’s the right time for someone with fresh ideas and impetus to come in. Scott and Hayley are finance professionals and, like me, have been long time supporters of the club. The club will be in safe hands.”

The Bradshaws are delighted to be taking over the administration of the club’s finances in spite of the Treasurer’s position in any organisation being considered as one of the least glamorous roles.

Money matters feature almost exclusively in their lives as they have their own accountancy business.

“The Treasurer’s role suits our skill set and the software system we specialise in will modernise the way we manage the finances at the club,” Scott explained.

“That’s the attraction for us, we can make a real positive impact in an area that can be quite functional and some would say boring, but so important especially in these uncertain times.

“Hayley and me will be working together on this, we use an online system we can work together on which will modernise the way the club’s finances are managed.

“Club officials have access to it too so we can all work together on the finances online and in real time.”

Like his predecessor, Scott is a lifelong Matlock fan.

“I started watching Matlock as a child, saving up my pocket money to get in or occasionally sneaking in around the cricket pitch end,” he added. “When me and Hayley started to go out I introduced her to Matlock Town and one of our first dates was an away pre-season friendly at Teversal.”