Panthers defy cold to earn another win

Sally Botham hands over newly sponsored kit to Darley Dale Panthers u11s.
Sally Botham hands over newly sponsored kit to Darley Dale Panthers u11s.

Barlborough 1

Darley Dale Panthers u11s 2

COLD rain turning to snow provided an extra element for the boys to deal with at Barlborough Country Park on Sunday.

Starting up the slope, it looked like hard work and endeavour was the order of the day as the elements took over.

The Panthers’ defence took control as Barlborough attacked with the full backs, Rhodes and Crarer, showing fine form in thwarting each raid.

Taylor finally got the Darley machine rolling, moving the ball wide for Knowles and the rampant Allwood to turn the defence and start creating chances.

The Panthers took the lead after a team move down the left. A clearance landed at man of the match Crarer’s feet, instant control and a sweet pass gave Knowles a chance to step inside. He beat his man and sent away Healy.

Panthers fans have seen this goal on a few Sundays this season and it still amazes them all. Running on to the ball, he shot hard but stopped his foot just after connection, sending the ball zipping over the keeper but dropping instantly and finding the corner of the goal, just like Ronaldo.

Number two wasn’t long in coming for the now free-flowing Darley attack. Not to be outdone, a move down the right from defence to attack caused all sorts of problems.

This goal could have been scored earlier in the move but good blocking kept the ball out until it was drilled home from ten yards by Allwood.

Now Darley should have gone on to get four or five but the cold was taking effect and a combination of weak shots and the woodwork kept the hosts’ heads up to eventually pull one back.

With the cold taking hold, the second half was a non-event and both teams and fans could not wait for the final whistle. Coates, Bayes and Elliott secured the defence and Charlton and Calow worked hard in midfield, Rose showed well up front holding up the ball bringing others into the game.