Still time to write song for the NHS

There is still time for you to write and submit your Song For Our NHS.

This is something arranged by a group of Belper people - SOSNHS - running a competition to remind people of the good things about the NHS.

A spokesman explained: “Why is a song needed? We should celebrate the NHS; we all contribute, and we all benefit. It’s free when we need it. Recently, the NHS is getting a bad press. Nothing is perfect and every public service should be constantly improved, but look at what we’ve got. The Commonwealth Health Policy Review said ‘the NHS was ranked FIRST for access to care, with ability to pay not an issue; heart disease in the UK has seen the largest fall in death rates in Europe, breast cancer death rates have plummeted by 40 per cent over the last 30 years and NHS patient satisfaction is always high’”.

So Belper SOSNHS have decided to emphasise the positive and invite you to write us a song. Make it personal, make it funny, make it sad, make it the way YOU want it. There is a panel of judges and there will be prizes too. Email before the closing date of June 30.

The group will be putting on a concert in July.