High Peak’s Archie claims national title

Archie Neville
Archie Neville

A member of Holloway’s High Peak Kyokushin has returned from the first IKKU Welsh National Tournament in Barry with a gold medal.

Archie Neville, 12, has enjoyed success at club and inter-club events but this was his biggest challenge so far withi over 80 of the best students from around the country taking part in the day, which was also attended by Sensei Pete Appleton of High Peak Kyokushin.

Archie fought in the 12-year-old cadets category, and after being given a bye in the first round and then fighting well to win in the second with two clean chudan (body strike) techniques, he faced a strong opponent from London in the final.

The first round was declared a draw by all five judges and the second round was just as intense, both competitors formally warned by the referee to control their techniques better and Archie on the receiving end of a groin kick for which a foul was given but still no result declared.

In an all or nothing push, both went for it in the third round and Archie went half a point ahead with a strong body kick and didn’t back off, completing his win with fine head kick.

As a member of the IKKU organisation Sensei Pete acted as both referee and judge on the day together with a team of other black belts from IKKU clubs in Wales and London.

He said: “High Peak is very pleased to support and be associated with such an historic event and we are incredibly proud of Archie’s victory - he is a credit to the club and a great role model for other students.