Middleton and Wirksworth wrestlers impress

Members of Middleton and Wirksworth Wrestling Club were in fine form at the Nottingham 2013 Invitational Wrestling tournament last weekend.

Competitors from as far afield as Malta took part in the event, as well as many from around the UK.

Laila Brown was put up to the 30kg wrestling category, giving away 4kg to her more experienced opponent. Laila went out with confidence and although she lost her bout she finished in second place overall.

Shannon Harrison and Grace Doxey both fought in the 25kg weight group, putting up great displays against older and more experienced wrestlers and then against each other, Grace finishing with a well-deserved silver medal and Shannon with a hard-fought bronze.

Brother and sister James and Katy Colbourne went out for their fights with skill, professionalism and determination that earned the siblings their second gold medals in as many competitions this year.

Shaun Thorpe (40kg) started off with a win but his second fight ended in defeat, albeit by just two points, which in turn spurred him on to a fine victory in his third fight which earned him a second place finish.

Raina Cooper was unfortunate not to be matched on the day so stepped up and wrestled in the senior boys category, eventually finishing in a commendable second place, thus earning a well-deserved gold medal due to the wrestling governing body’s rules.

Thomas Philips went into one of the most difficult weight groups of the year, winning his first fight with a good display of his technical ability.

His second fight was against his long-standing rival Harvey Riddings from Sharples Wrestling Club and Thomas made it very hard work for Harvey and only gave away one point each round but ultimately fell to defeat.

Undeterred, Thomas came out in third fight and showed his true style and ability earning him a great third place.

Middleton and Wirksworth favourite Brandon Harrison was in for his hardest day yet with most of his opponents being much bigger and older than him.

Brandon used everything he had to match his opponents strength and skill and came in a very respectable and hard fought fourth.

Troy Hunt fought in the 27kg group and had some very hard fights, only losing out to more experience before claiming a win in his final bout with a pin.

Lewis Brown (32kg) was also in a difficult weight group and in his first two fights narrowly missing out on points, but gaining vast experience by having the first two clinches of his wrestling career, losing his first but winning his second.

Lewis kept it together and won his last two fights by using his exceptional techniques and finished with a well-earned third place.