A positive get-together

by Colin Ingley

Sunday’s committee meeting at the Arc was once again further evidence of the huge efforts being put in by members and supporters of Matlock Water Polo Club and the sport of water polo in general.

The one-and-a-half-hour meeting could have lasted twice as long as over ten agenda items were discussed.

The formation of a schools and junior link is a priority plan that was agreed by all present.

“It will be a huge project but one that would be fabulous if achieved,” commented club president Jim Evans.

“We feel that there is huge potential in the area and kids would definitely benefit from the sport, no matter what level they took it up to.”

This agenda item is to continue being debated at the next meeting in early February.

Meanwhile, wealthy ex-club chairman Dave Frost caused controversy and debate this week after ignoring his usual Costa Del Sol mansion Spanish retreat by jetting off to Benidorm instead, with glamorous wife Anne.

Heavily denying that he rates himself as the new real life “Oracle”, as depicted by Johnny Vegas in the TV sitcom series, Dave nevertheless had some boasts of his own.

“I may not be the East Lancashire quiz or drinking champion, but I am certainly the Derbyshire Dales’ main female attraction abroad!”

Anne was unavailable for comment at the time of going to press. A full match report from last night’s home friendly versus Hucknall will be in next week’s Mercury.