Anglers find some shelter

THE rod average at Carsington Fishery managed to hold up, despite the awful wind conditions of the weekend.

During the more pleasant weather conditions, many anglers caught very well and had excellent days’ fishing.

With the Northerly winds, anglers have still been able to find shelter in Shinningford Bay and Fishtail Creek so there have been many brave souls who have taken to the water.

Fish stocking is still taking place as usual so once the winds calm it should give some excellent days on the water.

The rod average for last week was 4.06 with 130 fish caught by 32 anglers. The heaviest rainbow was 2lbs 8oz, of which six different anglers caught rainbows of this size. The heaviest brown was recorded as being 1lbs 10oz and was caught by Mr Baggaley on an intermediate line.

The most popular fly patterns have still been montana, damsel, black fritz, orange blobs, black tadpole patterns. During drier, warmer period black or brown buzzers have been also been good. Most anglers were using Intermediate and slower sinking lines.

Due to the high winds forecast, the Leukaemia And Lymphoma Research fly fishing competition did not go ahead and has been rescheduled for Sunday June 10.

There are still boats available if you would like to help raise money for the charity. For registration you would need to follow the www.beatingbloodcancers.org/event/midlands/fly-fishing-competition