Anglers get ready for the big cast-off

PREPARATIONS are well under way for the Carsington Water Fishing 2011 season.

Although regular customers during the 2010 season would have seen water levels fall, from January this year those levels have again been rising and it is hoped that, for the start of the season, the reservoir will be near to full.

However as bank fishing is no longer an option, the boats will be able to cover all areas of the water.

The 2011 season will kick off on Saturday, March 19.

Familiar faces on the staff team will be there to meet and greet and to help all anglers with their enquiries and impart some of their all-important fishing knowledge.

A total of 20 boats will be available for hire, all with the Suzuki 4hp engines.

Due to the higher rate of VAT and fish costs, the venue says its has been necessary to increase the price of the fishing permits as follows:

l Full day – increase by £1 to £20

l Half day – increase by £1 to £16

l Concessionary – increase by £1 to £16

l Half day increase by £1 to £12

l Evening from 5pm – no increase

l Sporting tickets both full and half day – increase by 50p to £14 and £10

Boat prices will remain the same as the 2010 season.

Stocking levels will remain the same as for the 2010 season with a little more emphasis on pre-season stocking and more regular weekly deliveries during the latter part of the season.

Philip White will again be running his beginner and improver casting session.

In addition, there will be a day course giving a little more background information into the sport and its equipment.

Any further information or advance booking can be made by contacting Carsington Sports and Leisure on 01629 540478 or