Anglers still flourishing

The autumn conditions certainly seem to be providing better fishing conditions at Carsington Fishery and this has been shown by the increase in rod average.

Certainly over the past few days, anglers have had results similar to those of the beginning of the season.

The eastern side of the reservoir is still providing the best fishing areas and there is a definite change in the fish being caught in shallower water nearer to the shoreline.

The rod average for last week was 3.19 with 83 fish caught by 26 anglers.

The heaviest rainbow this week was 3lbs caught by Mr D Graham.

The tops spots this week have been again in deeper water areas on the eastern side of the reservoir moving around the racing marks number 5 and 6.

Further into Fishtail Creek has shown good results and given shelter from the stronger winds.

The point at Sheepwash close to the Osprey towers has also been heavily reported.

Intermediate lines are generally working the best when allowed to sink well away from the surface level.

The flies are still mainly the usual popular lures for this point in the season – Cats whisker, Damsels, Montanna, orange blobs and viva.

The closing day for the 2012 season will be Sunday 25th November.

This date will be subject to weather, especially snowfall, which may affect the opening of the site.