Angling in the sunshine

ANGLERS have been happy to to see some sunshine over the last week at Carsington Fishery.

However the calm, warm days haven’t helped the fishing as again the fish are continuing to feed off the natural food source.

Although the fish have been putting up a fight, there has been positive feedback from anglers who have seen plenty of fish and have enjoyed the challenge.

The rod average for last week was 1.1 with 38 fish caught by 35 anglers.

The heaviest rainbow this week was 3½ lbs, caught by Martin McGinley.

The heaviest brown caught this week was 2lb, caught by Mr Baggaley

The deeper parts of the reservoir such as near the sailing club racing buoys have been successful areas this week.

Other more sheltered spots have been the deeper parts of Upperfields and Millfields Bay.

Patterns that have had catches this week have tended to be something with a red/orange on the point such as the damsels. Intermediate lines have worked well in Upperfields and Millfields Bay whereas in the middle of the reservoir

sinking/fast sinking lines have proven the better method.

When there has been an evening rise, boobies on the surface have been the chosen method for success.

In addition to the Fly Fishing at Carsington Water, it offers activities for all the family through the school holidays. Why not have a go at some of the taster sessions in sailing, windsurfing or kayaking or just go afloat on the water in a rowing boat or canoe. For those who are not so keen on the water the take in the scenery by bike from the hire centre and follow the eight-mile trail around the water.

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