Back-to-back defeats but vital experience is gained

by Colin Ingley

Two defeats in four days were seen in context this week as players regroup for this weekend’s Great North Swim and Monday night’s league match at Leicester.

Thursday’s 30-1 defeat at Southwell and Sunday’s 22-5 home loss to Leander were both suffered with players missing, particularly in the away game.

Assistant coach Andy Massey maintained a balanced view when interviewed.

“The Southwell game was contested with nine players, the lowest number we have turned out all season.

“The team was defeated, yet the attitude was good and match experience was gained once more for the players who came in.

“We lost our shape at times in the Leander game, but the attitude was once again superb in adversity.

“We take on board the pros and cons of each and move on.”

Saturday’s Great North Swim provides a welcome break as the club aims to raise well over £1,000 towards the Tiny Tim Trust, this year’s chosen charity.

The official Matlock Water Polo Club teacup, having now commenced sales overseas and in Chesterfield, should generate a bit more towards the total before the year’s end.

One participant, who asked for his identity to be withheld for obvious reasons, said this week: “I am pleased all the cold swims are coming to an end, like, so I can then shave the beard off.

“It is colder than the Mersey.”

Confidentiality is always honoured within the club.

If you want to contribute, please ring 07814 711372.