Burtons still going strong

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by Brian Croasdale

Even if we thought they were good, I am sure we wouldn’t have thought we would still be writing about them five years later.

Andy and Daniel Burton, the father and son team in the Cromford Summer Table Tennis League, have won it for as long as I can remember and this year looks to be no exception.

Already with a comfortable lead in the table, they continue to rack up the 5-0 wins with the stealth of a couple of underfed tigers.

This week they beat Crommy’s with very little being returned from the opposition.

The young pairing of Jimmy Redfern (2) and Emma Coles (2) had one of their rare outings together this week. A previously inseparable duo beat the Crow Kings 5-0 on paper but in reality it was not quite as straightforward as the scoreline would suggest.

Best match of the night was the 3-2 win by the Mikes over the Pandys. It was a close one with Andy Middleton (1) gaining a 3-1 win over the experianced Mick Padley (1).

Jake Miekle (one) the new Derbyshire champion lost his 100 per cent record in a thrilling match with Will Doxey (1). This was a close one with Will determined to do well as he won 11-9, 7-11, 11-5, 7-11, 12-10.

What a great game and with the doubles as the decider one could be forgiven for thinking it might be a formality but not a bit of it as this went to five also with the Mikes just winning 11-9 in the deciding game. What a match!

Another close fixture was Bucket Bangers’ 3-2 win over Belper. Surprises all round here as Peter Hamshaw (2) won in five against Dean Clayton (1) and Andrew Hodgkinson (1) won in five against Ashley Emery.

The Detonators continue to win, this time against the Dalers 3-2. Keith Bradshaw (2) was again on top form for the Dalers and with a 100 per cent record joins Andrew Burton as the only players left with a perfect record. Both father and son Anthony and Eddie Gregory won a game over Glen Freeman and took the doubles to shift the match in their favour.

At the Whitworth Academy, only selected matches are now being played in the Summer League and this week Rapid Fire cemented their top spot by beating The May B’s 5-0. Steve Molyneux and son David are too strong a pairing and look to be taking the title in style.

Whitworth is available on Wednesday nights for practice and training, starting at 7.30pm. This will be available for the next month, by which time the organisers will have a fair idea whether to retain the arrangement or not. While Whitworth concentrate on training and Cromford on matches, the comparison is evident but I do know that table tennis will be the winner.