Busy month lies ahead for club

by Colin Ingley

Matlock Water Polo Club returned to hard training this week after proudly watching Britain’s most high profile player of the sport get married in front of millions last Friday.

Prince William, despite always claiming that water polo is his favourite participating sport, has never been offered the chance to play for Matlock, due to fears that his helicopter might block Crown Square during matches and training sessions.

With the surprise news that he now owns an Aston Martin, an offer is likely to be made and hopefully his wife will let him play. It will get him out the house and give Kate some ‘me time’.

Leicester travel to The Lido on Sunday having lost players and carried out some redevelopment since winning the league only three years ago. Matlock will be hoping to repeat the winning performance of the same fixture last year before taking on new league side Hinckley away on Wednesday. Five matches and the Rob Soppitt tournament before the month’s end will hopefully kick start the club’s season and help the players to develop further.

Meanwhile, Andy Massey escaped internal club discipline on Sunday after explaining that his rolling eyes and up and down head movements prior to training were not down to alcohol consumption. He cited that watching the belly dancer at the Maazi the previous Thursday was a more reasonable cause. The Board not only accepted this, they are all booked in for the next performance in four weeks time.