Busy time lies ahead

by Colin Ingley

Matlock Water Polo Club’s intensive start to the season continued this week with a match and further preparation for the Great North Swim in June.

Bingham visit a Matlock side on Sunday still looking for their first win of the new campaign.

Assistant coach Andy Massey is encouraged by recent events. “We have found in the last couple of games that taking goal chances and having a bit more awareness can bridge the gap between winning and losing.

“We are not that far away and Bingham is a game that we can win despite them having a very decent individual player with some competent support.”

Matlock will be encouraged by their last game against the Nottinghamshire side, which resulted in a fine handicap cup win nine months ago. There are missing players from the starting seven for both sides which will hopefully even up the game. Tickets are now on public sale.

Club members taking part in the Tiny Tim Trust charity-led Great North Swim in June, were originally smug regarding Tuesday’s scheduled New Bath open water training session.

Having had the first one in the dark and cold of February, the thought of an April session in the light and sunshine was well received before reports of an anticipated massive drop in temperature and possible snow. Extra supplies of Bovril were believed to be on standby poolside.

Full reports will be in next week’s Mercury.